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Taixing's largest domestic unmanned helicopter rolls off the production line, unveiled at the 2018 Zhuhai Air Show Taixing's largest domestic unmanned helicopter rolls off the production line, unveile

2020-09-28 14:09:07 jc 3

Meeting Point News On November 6, the 12th China International Aerospace Expo opened at the Zhuhai International Airshow Center. The series of UAV products produced by Jincheng Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. in Taixing City Industrial Park were unveiled at this air show. The most eye-catching one is the JC-950, the largest payload unmanned helicopter in China.

Earlier this month, the domestic unmanned helicopter with the largest payload independently developed by Jiangsu Jincheng Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. rolled off the production line. The large payload and long-endurance performance filled the gap of similar domestic models, and its comprehensive performance reached the international leading level.

"This unmanned helicopter has undergone more than one year of independent research and development, testing, and production. It adopts double wings, coaxial, twin engines, rotor diameter 7 meters, mission load 500 kg, endurance 5-6 hours, fully autonomous flight , Autonomous take-off and landing, its superior performance can ensure flight accuracy and reliability under complex conditions, mainly used in border patrols, forest fire prevention, border post supply, inspection and attack integration and other fields." Chairman Zhou Zhongming told reporter.

The UAV command vehicle is an important control system of the UAV, and its performance directly affects whether the UAV can successfully complete the mission. Jincheng Aviation invested 2 million yuan to independently develop relevant software programs to achieve integrated and efficient work methods for drones. Through the large-scale control screen of the ground station, it can accurately feedback the voltage, fuel volume, flight height, and Monitoring data such as flight latitude and longitude further improves the overall performance of the UAV.

Jiangsu Jincheng Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech aviation industry manufacturing enterprise that combines the operation and service of industrial drone products and integrates R&D, production, sales and service. In recent years, the company has conducted in-depth cooperation in production, education and research with domestic and foreign universities and well-known aerospace companies to develop high-tech aerial drones such as high-speed unmanned target drones and long-endurance patrol drones. The advanced technology level also comes from Jincheng's strong R&D investment. At present, Jincheng Company has established a research and development center in Beijing Military-civilian Integration Industrial Park, bringing together more than 30 high-tech research and development personnel, and investing more than 50 million in various research and development funds, injecting strong impetus into the high-quality development of the enterprise.

Meeting point reporter Zhao Xiaoyong Correspondent Jiang Kai

The First Council of the World UAV Federation was held in Liyang City, Jiangsu Province. Experts in the unmanned industry from more than 20 countries and regions including China, the United States, Russia, and Germany gathered in Liyang Hantian Resort to discuss the development trend of the global drone industry and discuss global drone technologies. The meeting produced the "2018 China UAV Security Top Ten" through scoring and voting. Jiangsu Jincheng Hangke Technology Co., Ltd. relied on the outstanding performance of its leading products in the domestic security UAV market and won the award with high votes.

In just a few years after entering the UAV industry, how did Jincheng Aviation emerge from behind in the highly competitive UAV industry. Relying on the intellectual support of external scientific research institutes, Jincheng Aviation has established a research and development center in the Beijing Military-Civil Integration Industrial Park to recruit high-end technical talents in the industry and promote independent core technology research and development in the UAV industry. In 2018, Jincheng Aviation successively obtained 6 invention patent technologies and 26 utility model technologies authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office. The JC-950H coaxial unmanned helicopter independently researched and developed by the company breaks industry technical records in a number of core performance indicators such as load and endurance.

Stable and reliable performance and industry-leading technology make Jincheng Aviation shine in the domestic UAV security market. According to Zhou Zhongming, chairman of Jincheng Aviation, in the security industry, drones have penetrated into many fields such as fire fighting, transportation, and disaster relief. In the field of fire protection, drones can be used for high-rise buildings or remote firefighting and rescue, reducing the physical consumption of fire officers and soldiers, improving rescue efficiency, and realizing "smart fire fighting." In the field of transportation, drones can capture live images from various angles by carrying front-end smart cameras, analyze the accident scene first, and provide accurate data support for emergency rescue decisions. Similar to the handling of traffic accidents, drones are not restricted by shooting angles and geographical areas, and can be used for disaster monitoring and rescue. After a disaster occurs, drones can quickly enter the disaster area for aerial photography, and comprehensively and systematically record disaster characteristics for rapid assessment of the disaster. Has unique advantages.

It is understood that Jincheng Aviation's series of UAV products have been widely used in water conservancy, land, police, fire protection and other fields since last year. At the same time, the company has also established a UAV public welfare rescue team built by retired soldiers. The team has become a "rapid reaction force" specially organized by Jincheng Aviation. Zhou Zhongming said that Jincheng Aviation will also increase the research and development of communications, sensors, flight control and other technologies, and forge Jincheng Aviation into a leading brand of large-load industrial drones with core technology competitiveness.